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Every year starts with promise but quickly dissolves into financial stress and uncertainty.


Discover how to break the cycle of unmet goals and fleeting resolutions.


It's time for a plan that lasts beyond the New Year's cheer.

Tired of Your Financial Resolutions Fading by Tax Season?

  • Feeling Stuck With Debt

  • Overwhelmed by Financial Phrases

  • Feeling Pressured by Family Finances

  • Lacking Financial Confidence

  • Fearing Financial Instability

  • Concerned About Ethical Investing

  • Anxious About Retirement Planning

  • Feeling Hopeless About a Legacy

  • Running Out of Time...

Are You Struggling to Align Your Finances With Your Faith?

 Young Woman Contemplating

Paola Guzman, Founder of Simca, isn't just any financial expert. She's a voice of authority in the world of wealth. 

She's a seasoned financial advisor, budget coach, church leader, and investment strategist, offering guidance from her wealth of experience.


Paola understands the pains and confusion of the financial world, and uses her own journey of overcoming rejection and building confidence to launch clients to new heights.


Simca Wealth has the right plan to transform your financial outlook, infusing each decision with faith and purpose.

Meet Paola: Your Joyful Guide to Wealth

“I’m so excited to recommend Paola to people! She helped me learn about the stock market and gave me the tools to feel more confident with investing. 

I have also watched her help others navigate budgeting and build their business. Her practical advice and kingdom wisdom are invaluable. I highly recommend, especially if you are at a crossroads and need direction and hope!”

~Natalie H

Get Your Free

Wealth Guide

Don't let another year go by with your same fears and tired financial patterns.


Download our FREE Wealth Guide called 'Connection, Growth, & Purpose' and witness the transformation as your finances become a source of joy and strength.


Let this be the year you look back on as the turning point.

The Path From Financial Fears to Spiritual Wealth

Join a community where financial awakening meets with spiritual growth.


At Simca Wealth, witness your transformation from financial stress to a life rich in both prosperity and spiritual fulfillment.

We're here for it.

Don't Regret Another Year Without a Plan

Without addressing the spiritual and emotional aspects of money, financial patterns will not change.


Don't let confusion or fear hold you back.


Embrace the journey with Simca Wealth and turn your fears into a foundation for success.

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